Sunday, February 2, 2014

Looking BACK at the passed 2013!! :)

Well….okay... you really don’t need to give me that look, I know it has been already one month from the new year and probably it is too late to write up a review of 2013 now..  But fyi I had exams since 31st so yeah….and it’s better late than never :D :P

Okay… Going back to the memories of 2013… hmm... well the year sure started with lots and lots of complications (if only you knew what I meant)

I had been selected to uni, and it had been long since I had given up on the idea of going to uni. It had been dragged too long and I was working and was earning (which was a pretty good feeling ;) ) and I didn’t see the point of spending three or four years again torturing myself with studies... aaand yeah, above all of that, frankly it was just cause I wanted to stay at the place I worked, that I didn’t wanna quit and leave the people that I gotta know from there. By that time my life was an utter pool of mess and this need to make a decision too contributed really well. And then came this letter for the so called leadership training thing, and if you knew me you would surely knew I hated it :P and I sure didn’t wanna go and oh yes I didn’t!! :D B)

I called all the responsible people and those that I knew to make sure that there was no impact of not taking part in it, and I was obviously not gonna get leave for such long period.. And c’mon if I were to quit the job, I should make the most of my time being there at least... So later on many people said all sorta things about this training thing; goods and bads. But trust me; I will never ever EVER regret not taking part in it! :D :P

And yes the decision was finally made to take the chance that was given to me to enter uni, after all the long discussions, advises and scolding of my family, friends, teachers and everyone else. I quit my job, they threw me a farewell ceremony. The speeches many of my colleagues and bosses made, how I cried, I remember them all just like it all happened yesterday...  From anywhere that you go, collecting people is the most precious thing to have... and that was what I had from my workplace which will always stay in my memories as the place where I did my first job and which taught me so many things about the society and the people in it. All the fun we had in there, the Friday games, birthday parties and all the trips and outings, being loved and being bugged (oh yes lasi, you’re not forgotten :P)... I truly miss them all..

Well, then came the day of registrations, my mom and dad were out of country so had to go with chooty akka and ayya and as you’all know, my first impression of uni was horrible, cause I believed my life is gonna be miserable from that moment onwards and I didn’t wanna think any good about it. C’mon! what good can there be, it made me quit my job and then I had to stay at a boarding place away from home  (thankfully with my bestie from school though, phew)  and had to engaged myself with the process of studying AGAIN! Seriously that was the first time that I stayed away from home “on my own”! At all other times, there was “someone”  from family. But here it was just I, me and myself which made me hate it. I literally hated it all..

Aaand then after the orientations the real uni life started folks. And were “not” ragged since we were science undergrads! (-_-)

Anyways, the time rolled on you know, before I knew it I was surrounded by a group of people who made me feel home, the place I hated most had become a part of myself. Every day when I see our department when I come from the “thal weta” it makes me smile, I climb down the stairs feeling relived since I had unknowingly found a home, away from home.. And it sure is a big family you find in there, a huge one.. and among those there is a few people whom you can call your own, those who will never ditch you and will never turn their backs on you when you are in need, those who will try to make you laugh when you are in a weird mood, those who knowingly or unknowingly help you go through rough times, those who trust and believe in you, those who will listen and understand you and those who will always be there.. And yes I found those small and precious set of people, that made me say “oh uni? It’s totally rocking” whenever someone asked about it.. 

So deciding to come to uni seemed to be the best decision I’ve made in the past 2013, I will never ever regret that decision for my entire life, if not for that I will never be able to meet those wonderful people who made a big change in my life while becoming a part of it. I feel I’m blessed, I sure do! :)

Oh and yes this will not be complete if I didn’t mention anything about the precious incident where my mobile phone slipped into the gully at the wash room floor and almost a half of the batch came to save it :P love you guys!! <3

And the badulla trip, (lol) was a trip I’ll remember for a life time.. I can literarily close my eyes and go back in there even right now.. Who cares what people think or say, those 3days filled with fun and laughter (yes the LAUGHTER, LOL) with the people I love will be those of the most memorable ones of my entire uni life.. <3

Um… well that’s probably the 2013 of myself in brief.. It did suffer through lot and LOT of rough times and it sure ended in the worst possible manner (yes,  with starting of the exams) but yet when I turn back and think, I have no regrets at all and the memories bring only and ONLY smiles to my face, for I believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason; EVERYTHING happens for the best!!.. 

So thank you 2013, for all the happy moments and cherished memories you have given me.. And dear 2014, I am really hopeful!! :) :)


Well written madam :)
:) :) hey!! thanks ayya!! :D
WOOWW... Sithu akki is back again.. how nice 2 see u girly.. & happy about all your achievements of 2013!!!
Heyyy warsha!!! :D yes nice to shee you too darling!! and am sowi i could write much or keep updated, didint have the time :(
But yes thank a bunch as alwez for stopping by!! :) :)

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