Saturday, June 23, 2012

The best presentation ever.. LOL :P

It was another day at the production. Fifteen or thirty minutes before the tea break which normally is at 3 pm, we were told to stop and save the work we were doing as the trainers have a small kinda presentation for us.

Nimal, a senior trainer started talking first.
He told us that a week ago, Yohan, the production manager, asked him to do something that would give the others an idea on ‘how to make quick money’ and therefore he had given the task of giving us a small speech on this to Nisansala and Nathan, the two trainers on the floor.

“So therefore, Nathan will take it from here and tell y’all how to make money!” He handed it over to Nathan and Nathan came in front and started talking with an unusual loud voice. The time was about 2.45 pm!

“Good morning guys!”

There was a BIG laughter from the audience. He shut his eyes looking embarrassed and continued with a smile.

“Okay..not good morning; good afternoon!”
He thought for a while, seemed as he was searching for words or was excited or panicked.

“Err..” He stammered. “What I’m gonna tell y’all today..” Pause!
“Okay.. what I’m gonna tell y’all today is gonna booze everyone!!”

There was another huge laughter from the audience. All of us were laughing and bugging him saying various stuffs.
He looked really embarrassed this time. “Okay okay.. not booze; it’s gonna boost everyone..”

He walked few steps thinking. “It’s gonna boost everyone.. because it’s about money!”

"From what I'm gonna tell y'all, one can earn four months within two lakhs !!!"

SHOOT! Everyone started booing and laughing aloud again.

Looking emberessed, he continued talking for a few more minutes and made many many errors while talking. සිංහලෙන් ම කියනව නං නොසෑහෙන්න ම විද්දා. :P We were like “Iyyo what’s wrong with you today Nathan!???” and were laughing with the rest of us who were there in the audience. One thing was clear that either he was too excited which obviously can’t be the reason as he is a trainer, or he wasn’t ready for this speech thing.

He started saying something again, and stammered; again and suddenly Yohan who was watching from the back of him with the other trainers and all cut him short in a way none of us expected.

“Nathan, what’s wrong?”

Nathan looked at him and smiled guiltily.

“Are you alright? Aren’t you prepared for this?” Yohan was in a very serious mood.

“yeah I am.” Nathan tried to sound confident.

“It’s like the fifth error you made in that speech!”

“Sorry I’m just..,”

Yohan cut him short again, very rudely. “You know what? Sit down. Let Nisansala finish the rest!”

The laughter stopped completely. We all were dead shocked and were like OH-SHIT!

“Yohan, I’ll do it!” Nathan tried to convince him for a one more time and we felt so sorry for him.

But Yohan with a very attitude look shook his head and turned to Nisansala. “Go ahead and finish the rest.”

Nisansala looked even more shocked and confused. “Uh.. It was him who supposed to do it.” She said.

“What do you mean it was him? Both of y’all were given the task right?”

“Yeah but..” She sounded helpless. “He said he’d do it..”

“So that means if he’s not prepared or ready for what he was supposed to do, you don’t have any idea what he was doing??”
She just looked messed and slightly shook her head.

Yohan nodded and made the final call. “Nimal??”

“Uhh.. okay Yohan, I’ll take it from here.” Nimal came in front and 

Nathan went back with a so innocent and helpless smile. We; his trainees looked at each other’s faces feeling like crying.

“Okay, as y’all saw right now, this is what gonna happen when you are not prepared for something that you are given. Giving a speech is a very small task, and it was assigned for them a week ago. They had plenty of time but none them took it serious or thought of getting prepared because it was just a small speech? They thought that they could just come here, say some words and get a big applause from the audience! That’s all what they wanted!”

Nimal was talking in even a worse mood and we all were like what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-Nimal-and-Yohan!!??? I mean c’mon, this is not something so big or serious to make such a big fuss right! People do make mistakes; so what?! What we couldn’t believe was Nimal talking like this to Nathan. After all we knew that they were really good friends though he was senior and we were feeling so damn angry at him and so bad about ourselves because we too laughed at Nathan earlier. 

The floor was really silent as no one laughed or said a word; everyone was watching impatiently while Nathan still managed to smile looking down.

“And anyway,” Nimal continued in a very cool manner, “..Whatever that happened here right now; we asked them to do it that way. Nathan didn’t make mistakes, that was just an act!!!”

UUUUUGHHHHHH!!!! That was said in unison. We felt like cracking Nathan’s head off seeing him laughing now!

VERY FUNNY! Actually the utmost extreme of that!!! -_-

Yohan, Nimal, Nisansala and specially our very own innocent Nathan seemed to be having a very nice time watching our terrified and now fooled and disappointed faces. Yeah yeah…Whatever!!!! :P

And then they continued the presentation thing, all three of them did it part by part and it went well. At the end of that we had our tea break and everyone was yelling at Nathan which he seemed to be enjoying a lot!

“I’m pretty bad on acting you know!!” He said laughing ‘innocently’

Anyway, I’ll just write the summery of that presentation thing, so at least there will be something to learn in this post :P

Whenever you are making a goal in your life, be SMART in order to achieve it! Be
Time bound.
And after making the goal, put your maximum effort towards achieving it. If you could do it, it won’t be just another unachieved goal that you had in your life which will be forgotten with time.

Well that’s it. Anyway one thing I’m sure (sure…err…I guess :P :P),the next time that something similar is gonna happen to him, no one of us will get terrified or sad even if it is for real or not :P Haah! So Nathan, you better watch out! ;)

Monday, June 4, 2012

නොතේරෙන මගේ හිත....

දුර දකින විටම ඔබ
ඇඳෙන ඒ හසරැල්ල
මගෙ මුවේ මට හොරා
හේතුවක් නොතේරෙන
ඔබ අසල ගැවසෙද්දි
පහසුවක් දැනෙන වග
මහා සතුටින් මගේ
හිත සිනා සලන වග
වැටහෙනා නමුත් මට
හේතුවක් නොතේරේ
කෙසේ කාගෙන් අසම්,
බොළඳ මා සිත අරුම.......

ඔබ අසල නැති විටදි
තනිකමක් දැනෙන වග
ඔබ කොහේදැයි මගේ
ඇස් ඉබේ සොයන වග
නිසි හේතුවක් නැතිව
හිටි වනම නොකියාම
හරි මෝඩ ලෙස මගේ
හිත තරහ දෙවන වග
වැටහෙනා තරමට ම
හේතුවක් නොතේරෙන
මට මගේ පාඩුවේ
ඉන්න හිත ඉඩ නොදෙන................

විය නොහැකි මෝඩ බොරු
හේතු එකිනෙක දෙමින්
මගේ හිත එක විටෙක
මටම වදයක් දෙවන
හිතනවා වැඩියි මා!’
ඔවුන් හැම මට කියන
කියාපන් හිතට එය
නවත්වන්නට කියා
හැම විටම හිත හිතා
මගෙ හිතට බණ දෙසා
ඒත් වැටහෙනු නැතිව
මමත් දැන් හෙම්බත් ය..............