Friday, May 8, 2020

Because I’m weird like that…

**Disclaimer: All the opinion given in this post are subjective and personal. It doesn’t mean that if you disagree, I will hate you. So, don’t hate me either. **

We are all different to each other – us human beings, aren’t we? That make us unique and the way I see it, we are all uniquely weird and it takes a bit of self-awareness to understand this weirdness which makes you -YOU! So, this post is going to talk a bit about me, and my weirdness. I hope you enjoy reading how weird I am!😌

A common question we all get asked often is whether you are a cat person or a dog person, right? Well without a doubt I’m a dog person.🐶 I adore their loyalty, gratefulness, intelligence and almost all of them are super cute. Cats, 🐱I can’t stand them really, their lack of loyalty, gratefulness OR intelligence and their I-don’t-care attitude really gets me on my nerve. You feed a cat and love it genuinely for years, you step on its tail once by mistake and bam – part of your leg is skinned off. I have met one and ONLY one cat that I thought was a “good-cat!”.😸 It was my good friend’s neighbor’s cat and it was the only cat that I ever petted with whole my heart. Now that being said, let me be clear. This doesn’t mean that I want all other cats dead or tortured. I’m kind to all animals and I’m against all animal cruelty – the very reason why I’m a vegetarian. It just mean that I will not trust a cat know, anything.

However, let me also be clear, that when I said I love dogs – which I really do, it means that I will love and treat a dog, like a DOG! And not like a human being. I mean, sure it can be a part of my family but it’s title will always be “my pet” or “my pet friend”. It won’t be my brother or sister because, Gosh, that’s a huge insult on the side of my parents, right? 😕I can’t fathom why you – a human being would want to relate to a dog – which is a great animal, but still an animal. I’ve been to houses where the dog’s owner goes like “hey Tommy, say hi to this akki (or sometimes AUNTY)” which I take to be HUGELY offensive! I mean, I am no sister or aunt of a DOG!!!????😒 Regardless how great and adorable that dog is! So yeah, I’m weird like that.

I’m also a huge clean freak! I very very VERY rarely let other people use my stuff and I’m pretty anal about it. For an instance, if I felt that someone has used my soap – I will wash it until I feel it’s uncontaminated once again. Yeah, I’m weird like that. So, if I have ever shared anything of my personal stuff with you, consider yourself very important and close to me (although I’d most probably have still washed it after). This is also the very reason why I can’t stand having LICKED by any animal – including dogs, regardless how much I love them! If by any chance they licked me to show affection I would immediately run and wash that area using soap. That’s hell a lot of germs and saliva (drooling from a mouth that was NEVER brushed) and I can’t fathom how people stand that on their faces or sometimes mouth!! Gross! 🤮

Same applies to babies! Yeah, this is when I get super weird – so I’m told. People generally consider yucky things like poop and pee are “not so yuck” when it’s done by a baby!!! That’s the most preposterous idea I have ever heard. These people, they’re just okay to let the babies poop, pee, vomit and idk do whatever the crap the baby wants on their clothes, on their face or idk where and some don’t even change clothes or wash it off? As if it doesn’t smell? Because a “baby” did it? Please! They say it doesn’t matter because “it’s just a baby”!!! 🙄See, my brain, clearly can’t make sense of this logic. If it’s yucky, it will be yucky, regardless the “age” of who does it. Right? There is a famous story of me trying to throw away my little niece because she peed on herself while I was holding her when she was very small – and I love my niece to bits. So if you ever considered yourself to be sweaty or yucky at a certain point, and I still tolerated you around – know that you’re like SUPER important to me. 🥰

And you know the funny thing is, I myself have a condition that I sweat a few times more than a normal person!!! Yeah, I’m weird like that. SO weird that I sometimes find my own self yucky that I don’t get on to my own the bed until I wash myself up and end up sitting on the floor. So, I guess you understand. The weirdest part is that, although I sweat a lot, I can’t use a fan because I’m super sensitive to dust and start sneezing my lungs out in no-time. I also hate people touching my face and specially my hair, but hey, I absolutely love hugs. Hugs are my favorite way of transferring positive energy, love and care to someone who deserve it.🤗🤗Very complicated, I know!

I’m also highly opinionated. This is actually something I’m trying to work on. Because you know, I can have an opinion about almost everything and I might also be right – but it doesn’t mean that other people out there really need to hear it right? They have other things to do. So now, when my mouth is ITCHING to say something to something that is completely irrelevant to me, mostly in Facebook, whatsApp or texts, I sometimes type something and instead of sending it, I erase it – that way I save the trouble and also get it out of my system. I’m also really very sarcastic – although I really don’t mean any harm and feel really bad for other people feeling bad! That.. is a weird combination, I know!

I love my mom.💓Beyond the life itself. I believe that motherhood is the world’s deepest and purest bond that there is, also making it the biggest pain and burden for a mother. Because she wants to see her child well, healthy, safe and prosper - a mother’s heart will never be at peace. It will never rest. Regardless how much her child loves or cares about her, they will never be able to make it up to her, or pay it back making it a never-ending debt and a burned on her child’s heart too. So yeah, I also can’t understand why people make like more than one kid – one I understand let’s say you want someone to take care of yourself when you grow old (but what’s the guarantee in that too right?), but you know the trouble you went through with that one kid, I can’t understand why would you opt to go through that all over again. I know this is really weird, don’t blame me – I told you this at the beginning!

I’ve been told I’m a good listener, and a lot of people come to me with their issues and problems. Sometimes they need advice; sometimes they just want someone to listen to them. I’m happy to either in whatever the ways that I can, but then they want to hear about my life too! That… doesn’t really work that way. Doesn’t mean that I don’t trust you or anything, but that takes a different level of trust and bonding if I am share my stories or rather insecurities with you. no hard feelings. Remember I am weird!🤪

I also treasure my personal time and personal space quite a lot! I also have a very small and a closed friend-circle that is very near and dear to my heart. Most often than not, I don’t give a damn about other people’s lives, but I become very protective of my inner circle so sometimes if you get in, you might not be able to get out – even if you wanted to. That….is a little sad, isn’t it? Bwaahaha… 😈

So, there you go peeps! 2 pages of my weirdness. I know I am weird, and I guess I have made my peace with it however. I know I’m weird and I have come to an understanding that this weirdness makes me complete and wholesome! It makes me myself – for better or worse. I know I’m weird, but that doesn’t bother me really – for I know there is so much more to myself. I know I’m weird but embracing that weirdness was probably the closest thing to self-realization I’ve had and that helps me control and discipline myself better. I know I’m weird…. But hey, so are you! 😊 But you see, the beautiful thing about us humans is being “uniquely” weird. That keeps us on our toes, makes us as natural as we can get and it allows the life flow through a never-boring journey. So take it easy my friend, be gentle on yourself, know and believe that you are enough while wholeheartedly embracing your weirdness – for there is no one else like you!🤗


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