Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A day at a clinic of a government hospital!


Aww.. I know I know.. It's almost after an year!!! හරි ඉතිං මම හිතා මතා මග ඇරලා හිටියා නෙවෙයි. So many things came along and yeah.. life has been a roller coaster :P
So this post came out of frustration actually. I couldn't help but to write. I wrote it in my phone so it's in English and I'm sorry it's long. But it includes something I really wanted to let out and share with you guys. And I wrote it in the hospital itself so bear with me if it isn't very appealing or exciting :D

ඉංග්‍රීසි පොස්ට් කියවන්න අකමැති යාළුවන්ට මේකෙ සිංහල version එක මම ඉක්මනට දාන්නම්. එතකන් මේක publish කරන්නම්, හරිනෙ?

Okay so here goes.. "EXCITED!!!!!" :D :D :D

I stand watching people congested and buzzing like bees in a honeycomb, some in sarongs, some in skirts, some in cheeththa and various other clothes,  people of different ages, different classes with different smells.
All of these people have come to see the surgeon, just like my self. We were lucky enough to have a known someone from the staff, i don't know how else you could get to see the doctor before you die. My mom is always in a rush to do everything, she didn't understand the fact when I said our set of numbers are not called so soon. She dragged me along and made me sit in the very front row thinking that I'm up next to find out our set of numbers are not called so soon; like i said. -_-

I tried to calm down n wait while she sat on a behind row n started chatting with all the people around and having a good time. I must say that I am a person very sensitive to smell. N the smell which was coming from the premise was uncomfortable (the hospital smell) and hence I covered my nose with my serviette. And all these women around me started talking to each other "there's some bad smell coming isn't it?" "must be coming from some infected wound"and covering their noses. And the nurse or the attendant woman who was at the door was treating the patients as if it's her hospital and she's angry with them for seeing the doctors for free. Literally, it was so annoying and disappointing maybe because I wasn't used to that.

I played a game on my phone till my lives were over and just then some guy went inside. I didn't notice him that well because tens of people were passing that door some hitting me, jumping over me, stepping on me, pushing me etc and I had started feeling so grateful for my mom who made me sit there and is now having a good time behind.

However as soon as this guy went in these women around me started talking to themselves again. "the smell is reduced a little now isn't it? It's from that guy. I was finding it difficult to breathe even. I don't know how his family people live"

I can not say how disappointed and angry I felt.  Only two things came into my mind. One is what that poor person would feel if he hears what these women with big mouths speak, and if it was me who went inside they would speak the same about me. It's just horrible how people treat each other in a country which is said to be one with greatest hospitality. It was just disappointing ; pathetic!

The crowd started increasing. They were using my chair as a helper for them to keep standing with out considering that a person is actually seated there. I hadn't had anything to eat or drink other than my morning tea and i was sitting in that place filled with Carbondioxide and many other gases I couldn't identify just to get a date for my operation from the surgeon I had previously channeled in a private hospital. When it was almost one and half hours of this, my tolerance threshold exceeded. I felt suffocating and vomitish and so i finally got up and came out to where it wasn't so congested and where there was enough oxygen to breathe. My mom who was having a good time in a back row followed me asking why, and I couldn't help but to be furious at her.

I almost cried outta frustration and she took me to some shop where I had a Milo and calmed my self down. Now after two hours of waiting the doctor finally arrived (after checking on the patients in the ward) and no numbers are being called still after another fifteen or more minutes now .

The people who needs to consult a surgeon in a general hospital need to keep one whole day free to do so, that was the final conclusion I arrived at. And seeing the crowd in the chest clinic my heart just burst. They are shouting and fighting there for numbers and seats and I can't even believe that there are people who still behave like this.

How much time is wasted and how much frustration is caused to these people. The more I think about it, the more I see the drastic difference between the hospitals in the private sector and those in the government sector. But maybe these people are used to it now. Maybe that's why they are just waiting here without complaining while I'm writing this all irritated. I mean I heard a woman next to me saying that she came very early in the morning and ended up receiving number 48 because she didn't know where to go and no one gave her proper directions and she was saying "it's okay only the first time is like this know, things like this has to happen too so that we learn" I mean she was more than okay with it. It was like she had all the time she wanted to spare. So maybe this is the norm here.

Starting to write this was a good idea however. I feel a little better now. Another thirty minutes has passed and hopefully our set of numbers will be called soon.. And once this is over, I pray and hope I would never have to see a clinic of a government hospital again.. Sigh...

Okay three hours of waiting and all the doctors including the surgeon just went out. I don't know if that's for tea or what or if they are coming back or not. I just sat again after about one and half hours of standing. I have really run out of patience. Government services SUCKS big time!!!! -_____________-

Its 12 noon now. I just stepped out after taking a number for my very minor surgery. My number was 11 in my number category and I waited four hours to see the doctor just to get a date. Sad but that is the state of Sri Lankan government hospitals!!!


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